Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Fall Adventure!

Today my friend (and fellow photographer) Aimee and I went on a little photo excursion!  We ended up going to a beach in Gloucester and then wandered around a farm in North Andover.  Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Can you tell we had a great time?  There were some pretty rockin' crab shells and seagulls all over the place!  Check out this purple guy!!!

 After we had our fun at the beach, we had a little road trip to North Andover... And the farm fun begins! The farm had a petting zoo area and there were about 10 super super super cute fawns. They are just the cutest!

And they were hungry too! It was pretty amazing, there was this white pipe next to a food dispenser where you could give the deer food - when you put quarters into the dispenser, all the deer jumped up and came over ready to eat!  That little guy couldn't wait and was just chewing on the fence in anticipation!

^^ A personal favorite ^^

This guy was especially unique.  This was a beautiful white swan that was pretty upset about being in an enclosure full with mud, and was pretty occupied with taking his drinking water and cleaning his dirty chest feathers when we first walked by.  But, come our second passing, he kept (might I add quite aggressively) biting and pulling the fence with his beak.  Although a bit alarming at first, it made for some pretty cool photo opportunities.  I love that decorative lump of skin hes got on his forehead!

Of course, we ended our adventure with a trip to the farm stand area and although most of the pumpkins, apples and corn was gone, we had some photo fun with these beautiful gourds! Happy fall everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog! Many more great photo sessions to come - weddings, families, engagement shoots, pet sessions, and more!


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