Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nothin' Like Playing In The Fall Leaves!

Don't let those chilly autumn months fool you! September through November are wonderful times for outdoor photo shoots!  This is especially true in our wonderful New England area where we are spoiled with our fall leaves.  Last fall, I got lucky enough to play in the leaves near the Charles River with an old school-mate of mine, Nancy, and her adorable daughter, Alexia! She was even so cute as we were getting ready in the car, I couldn't resist taking a photo :)

Who says you need tshirts and shorts for great photos? Throw on those cute little sweaters or coats and matching knit hats, and you get snuggly, super cute autumn photos! I absolutely love hats, not only does it help keep everyone warm, but they add wonderful texture to the photo, and serve as cute props for the little ones to play with (i.e. peek-a-boo).


And of course, we save my absolute favorite for last... :)

 I hope you all enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I had taking them! And, don't forget, each season (even the chillier ones!) have they're own unique natural elements that allow outdoor photoshoots to be breathtaking any time of the year!


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