Monday, March 22, 2010

Heels in The Aboredom...

    As I continue to slowly work my way through hundreds of photos to clean out my harddrive and update my website, not only is my computer happier, but I get to find older shoots that are such gems, I have to share! This shoot was at the Arboredom in Jamaica Plain, MA sometime in the chilly Autumn of 2008 (I think!).  Angie is a good friend of mine - a very talented dancer, and even better model! Angie is always up for a photoshoot and open to helping me try out new poses, ideas, projects, etc.  

Thanks for all your help and continuing support Angie!!


I just love the warm morning light streaming through the branches in this one. Now "warm" is meant  more specifically in coloring terms, than say, that of temperature, haha, poor Angie - It was quite a chilly early morning, but she's tough, and it was clearly worth it :)



 Don't worry, you'll be seeing more of Angie! Enjoy!


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