Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cass & Kell

 I've had the pleasure of knowing Cassie and her brother Kell since 2004.  Cass and I went to Clark University together, and were both members of the Clark U Swimming & Diving Team.  She is definitely one my absolute best friends and I was more than excited when she asked if I would photograph her and her brother as a present for her mother's birthday!  Cass and Kell came into the shoot super super open minded, were totally happy to put up with my silly ideas, and we had an absolute blast!  It's shoots like this that make me realize I have the best job in the world! At the end of the day, I get to hang out with friends, play with kids, and creatively document fun.  I can't thank Cass and Kell enough for being awesome models, and even better friends!


As an only child, it's super fun for me to deal with siblings.  I love the contrast between the typical sister-brother bickering, and the deep deep connection that is only shared between two siblings (especially when they are so close in age).  It allows for real fun, silly, but realistic photos like the ones above. :) But, of course, we make sure we get those special lovely moments too...

This photo was one of their requests.  Cass told me their mother has a photo of them as little kids where they're faces are really close and they're giggling at eachother.  They wanted to recreate this pose as adults and frame it for her.  I think recreating poses from childhood memories or actual photographs is always a wonderful gift for a parent or grandparent.  It can definitely be a bit of a challenge, especially when you haven't seen the original, but from what I've heard we did a pretty great job matching poses, and look how sweet this is! 

And of course, there is nothing better to end a perfect shoot with than a rockin' sibling jump! Thanks again Cass and Kell, you guys are the best and hope to take more photos of you all soon! Someday soon, you will get to see our shoot with Cass and her favorite cat, Midnight. Until then, enjoy!

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