Saturday, November 1, 2008

Night Drive...

Only at night can the beauty of mystery, fear, and truth be fully captured. The snow falling on this tree shows how loud the quietest moment can be.  

Seemingly stagnant & unoccupied scenes are quickly transformed into a mystery of curiosity and wonder exploring all that surrounds us. 

Abandoned and shut down might be boring to the untrained eye, until given life once again by showing its unique, textural beauty. 

It is the essence of truth when water and sky meet man-made invention. Organic stillness is joined with structural harmony in this powerful moment. 

For once it is not darkness that brings fear; rather the streaming intensity of light provokes the anxiety that most shadows bring.

For a little explanation... My dad talked me into entering photos to the Massachusetts Cultural Council to apply for the 2009 Artist Fellowships.  Each year they give out artist grants 1,000 - 10,000 dollars in different art genres, and luckily this year they photography was one of the catagories !  It won't be until June that we find out, but hey, either way! Feels good to be in the race!

Keep those fingers and toes crossed! Until later!

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